This site is most of all a music review site that has one purpose, a place for the writers to write and rate first impressions on music never heard before. It started as a way to inspire myself to listen to more new music, hence the name: New Music Explorer.

‘New Music’ doesn’t mean that we won’t cover old bands, it’s just that the key concept is to review things fresh, not something that you’ve already listened to several times.

The site reflects the writers music preferences and hence the site’s reviews will be mostly in the preferential genres of the writers, and this will also mean that most of the stuff here will get pretty good reviews, because if it isn’t really something for us, we will not put the time & effort in writing negative reviews.

These first impressions can sometimes be short with just a thumbs up or down and sometimes with more review text. It will feature old and new music, but mostly stuff we haven’t heard before.

There is no restrictions on the commercial aspects of the music. This site reviews all sorts. Demos, unreleased stuff, released songs, major label artist and so on, but only in the musical preferences of the writers and remember it’s the one person opinion about a given song, record, concert nothing more, feel free to disagree 🙂

We do accept material for review, but please respect the musical genres that this site is about, and we’re not full time employees here or anything, so we might write something about your music or not, but won’t answer the mail itself.

If you do send something, please send an email to : review@nmex.dk containing at least band name, website, link to MP3’s, videos, description or press stuff.

So for the genres accepted we do have an ok broad taste in music ranging from Electronic music over Indie and post-rock to Metal, but nothing else is really interesting to us. Take a look at what we cover now, this should give you an idea.

So here’s some info about the writers preferences in music:

  • All sorts of metal, but mostly in the death, black, funeral, post, sludge, stoner and nwobm area.
  • Post-rock stuff
  • Electronic, ambient, dark ambient, chill, post dubstep and more
  • Indie/Alternative, new wave, goth and shoegaze

For all other contact mail to :  contact@nmex.dk.