Best Post-Rock Albums Of 2017

The following albums are considered the best post-rock albums of 2017. Some of the albums are bordering to Post-Metal, Post-Black and Post-Hardcore, but it’s mainly post-rock

This list of the best post-rock albums of 2017 is not a comprehensive list, but more an ongoing thing. Also included in this list is EP’s since many post-rock EP’s are quite long.

Do check out the runner-up list here, as well.

Best Post-Rock Albums of 2017

In no particular order

Glacier – Though Your Sins Be As Scarlet, They Shall Be White As Snow; Though They Be Red Like Crimson, They Shall Be As Wool.


Glacier has made a subliminal ear ripping post-rock drone metal album with psych flavors

Set And Setting – Reflectionless

Set and Setting - Reflectionless
A shadowy, dissonant, ethereal, foray of post-black metal combined with empathetic post-rock

Heretoir – The Circle

Heretoir - The Circle

Dreamy, atmospheric post-rock/post-black metal from germany. Heretoir has made one of the best albums in it’s genre. Reminds somewhat of Alcest mixed with a more northern sound

Genre: Post-Rock / Post-Black

Terraformer – Mineral

Terraformer - Mineral

Terraformer has made a solid 3rd album, manifesting their leadership in post-metal / math

Genre: Post-metal / Math

Astralia – Solstice

Astralia - Solstice

A soothing and enigmatic rise of waving, washing, cleansing and astral sounds. A long build-up of proportions seldom heard.

Sound Architects – In Time Of Need

Sound Architects - In Time Of Need

With In Time Of Need, Sound Architects have given birth to a roaring, beautiful, mind-blowing monster of an album

Ranges – The Ascensionist

Ranges - The Ascensionist

The Ascensionist is a landmark in modern post-rock. it’s a flawless album with a dusty, warm , embracing and uplifting mood, that is your true companion to inner bliss. 

This Patch Of Sky – These Small Spaces


This Patch Of Sky has delivered a coherent and cohesive album, that will be the soundtrack for many nights to come 

Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – Requiem

Silent Whale Becomes A Dream - Requiem

When it comes to dark post-rock, it doesn’t get much better than Silent Whale Becomes A Dream. Their 2017 album Requiem, manifests the band as one of the best in their genre.