Best Runner Up Metal Albums Of 2017

Metal music has been booming in the year 2017 and we already made the NMEX Best Metal Albums of 2017 here

This list show the favorite metal records, that have been spinning on the record player throughout 2017.

But even though these few records are excellent, there’s been playing a lot more metal on our record player, and his as a pick of some really cool records, that will spin its way into the year 2018.

The absolutely top metal Number 1 record of 2017 is Ufomammut – 8

From the review of the album :

8 is hands down the best album by Ufomammut, so far. I can’t even imagine how they are gonna surpass this masterpiece. 8 is one uncompromised journey through a chaotic infernal devilish machine, where the listener has no means of escape before it all ends in the abyss. It’s a hypnotic, psychotic, mantra driven beast of an album that is partly frightening, partly narcotic. You simply cannot help yourself from starting the album over once it has ended. A key aspect of 8 is the extremely well-written stoner riffs that are omnipresent throughout the 8 crushing and devasting rituals that are performed to perfection.

And as you can see on the full list, there are a lot more favorite metal albums of 2017. Albums from Amenra, Code Orange, Powertrip, Horizonless, Myrkur, The Lurking Fear, Telekinetic Yeti and Fen.

But a lot of other records have impressed us in 2017 and these will definitely still be spinning in 2018. In no particular order, you should really check out the following records if you haven’t already had them on infinite spin

Toke – (Orange)

When black sabbath goes post-hardcore

Genre: Doom/Stoner

Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black

Cannibal Corpse is back with their best album in years. The riffs are killer, the solos top notch, the production is awesome, Cannibal Corpse have never sounded better

Genre: Death Metal

Bell Witch – Mirror Reaper

Thanks for for 1 hour and 23 minutes of no hope

Genre: Doom

Solbrud – Vemod

Atmospheric black metal at it’s best

Genre: Black Metal

Beastmaker – Inside The Skull

Well ozzy and the guys has been quite an inspiration for Beastmaker, drums are awesome

Genre: Doom

Billy Boy In Poison – Invoker

Billy Boy has made quite an overwhelming modern death metal album, drawing influences from bands like behemoth.

Genre: Death Metal / Death Core

Undergang – Misantropologi

Just plain evil doomsday death meal.

Genre: Death Metal

Yellow Eyes – Immersion Trench Reverie

One of the most innovative USBM releases of 2017. Yellow Eyes is simply their own lo-fi experimental black metal recorded to tape. An awesome album

Genre: Experimental Black Metal

Jupiterian – Terraforming

It’s so cold, nihilistic, yet out of this world beauty on this mastodon of an atmospheric doom album.

Genre: Atmospheric Doom

Necrot – Blood Offerings

Simply straight to the bone classic death metal with superb brutality

Genre: Death Metal

Blut Aus Nord – Deus Salutis Meae

A dark original piece of earripping noise

Genre: Industrial, Black Metal, Experimental


A Beast of a black metal album, featuring cool dual vocals, and parts with ethereal choir.

Genre: Black Metal

Condor – Unstoppable Power

It might very well be that Power Trip made the ultimate Thrash metal album of the year 2017, but Condor is a very close competitor. Condor really sounds like early slayer or sepultura. A great album

Genre: Thrash / Speed Metal

Chelsea Wolfe – Hiss Spun

By far the best album from Chelsea, dark and mystic

Genre: Electronic, Folk Doom

Sarcasm – Within The Sphere Of Ethereal Minds

Swedish prog melodic death metal showing off. Excellent melodies and precision reminiscent of Dissection

Genre: Melodic Death Metal

Au-Dessus – End of Chapter

Overwhelming post blackened metal from Lithuania. Gloomy and memorable. Memorable melodies and broad atmospheres in one package

Genre: post-rock/black metal/post-metal

B O L T – (04)

Drone Metal album of the year without a doubt

Genre: Drone Metal

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