Best Runner Up Post-Rock Albums of 2017

2017 has been a perfect year for post-rock, seeing all sorts of cool releases in the somewhat broad genre you can call post-rock. After all, there’s so many subgenres of this genre, sometimes playing with doom metal and sometimes with more classic rock and indie.

Here at NMEX, we have already made the list of what we consider the absolutely best post-rock releases of 2017. You can see the list of the best post-rock albums of 2017 here. It’s somewhat interesting that no “major” post-rock bands made it to the list, Mogwai was disappointing and to be honest Godspeed You Black Emperor was too.

If we should pick the no. 1 release of the year 2017 it goes to Ranges – The Ascensionist.

We wrote “Another refreshing detail about Ranges is, that while many post-rock rock bands are thriving for more brutal, disharmonic and dark sounds, much inspired by the post-metal and post-black scene, Ranges does quite the opposite. Ranges are uplifting, embracing the light and does not have a single ounce of this brutality in them. That is refreshing and I hope Ranges will keep that sound.”

Still, there’s been quite a lot of other cool releases this year, and here is a list of albums that you really should check out. So in no particular order, give a listen to :

And So I Watch You From Afar – The Endless Shimmering

If you enjoy your post-rock uplifting and with a slight math-rock flavor, you shouldn’t hesitate to put on The Endless Shimmering by And So I Watch You From Afar

Genre: Post-rock/Math-rock

Grails – Chalice Hymnal

Grails continues their kraut and psych inspired progressive post-rock. A long awaited follow up to their masterpiece deep politics. Chalice Hymnal is warm, embracing and laid back, with each and every song exploring a new cinematic theme

Genre: Post-rock/Progressive/Experimental/Psych

Hammock – Mysterium

One extremely beautiful ambient album, a strong contender to This Patch of Sky. This is music for dreams and stargazing

Genre: Post-rock/Ambient

Blak – Between Darkness and Light

Perfectly performed classic post-rock with balls

Genre: Post-rock

Gallops – Bronze Mystic

Could also have fitted the electronica lists, this is innovative synth oriented post-rock.

Genre: Post-rock/Electronic

Violet Cold – Anomie

At first sights black metal, but unfolds to much more than that. A beautiful journey with elements of shoegaze, post-rock and again black metal. Highly recommended.

Genre: Post-rock/Atmospheric Black-Metal/Shoe-gaze

Sannhet – So Numb

Sannhet has made an post-rock/post-metal album that draws lines back to 80’s goth and specially The Cure’s Disintegration album. A very cool album indeed. Read the NMEX review of So Numb here

Genre: Post-rock/Post-metal

Hatàr – All We Expcted

A cool Post-metal album for lovers of Russian Circles and Pelican. No shouting on this one, pure instrumental post-metal.

Genre: Post-rock/Post-metal

POSTVORTA – Carmentis

Epic post-rock/post-metal with wide open landscapes of despair and grandeur.

Genre: Post-rock/Post-metal

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