Deafheaven - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

Deafheaven – Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

My personal story with Deafheaven goes way back to their first release Roads to Judah and my first acquaintance with the band was seeing them live supporting Russian Circles  in Copenhagen. At that point I didn’t really get it, I thought it was OK, but not so interesting. The live performance was pretty good though. […]

Down Below

Tribulation – The World

Tribulation has just released the album Down Below and The World is the first and maybe only single from this album If you enjoy Fields of the Nephilim and Sisters of mercy and at the same time miss a bit more classic heavy metal, then Tribulation is definitely for you. The pulsating drums are very […]


Hamferð – Stygd

Hamferð has just released their second album Támsins Likam, and Stygd is the “single” of the album. Stygd is one epic funeral doom piece, with excellent growls, extreme depth, and wide open arms. It is one abysmal and frightening piece of ultra heavy doom metal, where every single note manifests Hamferð as one of the best doom bands I […]

Livløs - Into Beyond

Livløs – Into Beyond

I really enjoyed the debut EP by Livløs and when the band released the first single from the full debut album Into Beyond, Blood & Despair I was convinced that the full album would be one to anticipate. Into Beyond was released in January and I was really eager to put it on and curious […]

Cynic - Humanoid

Cynic – Humanoid

Well known for their technical take on heavy metal, Cynic is back with yet another tech escapade. Humanoid shows off Cynic right where they want to be. Wandering finger-plucked bass with endless solos, combined with tech guitar crescendos, is the main backbone of Humanoid. Humanoid is not as mild as some of the previous releases, and […]

Machine Head - Kaleidoscope

Machine Head – Kaleidoscope

Ok, that was a different start. I hadn’t seen that coming. I honestly don’t know what to think about Kaleidoscope by Machine Head. Machine Head is just becoming more and more pop and nu-metal. The choir synths are just a bit too much Eminem for me I guess. Where earlier days Machine Head was more a […]


MØL – Penumbra

MØL have just released the first single Penumbra, from their coming album JORD, which is out April 13 via Holy Roar Record. Møl has already defined themselves as an atmospheric black metal band that relies heavily on shoegaze inspiration. This is definitely still the case on Penumbra. It’s very bright and uplifting blackgaze, and at […]

A Thousand Arms - Hemispheres Vol. II - Side A

A Thousand Arms – Hemispheres Vol. II – Side A

First of all, let me say that I am full of respect for the work that A Thousand Arms does for the post-rock community in making these compilations. For me, these compilations are a huge inspiration to dive into new unknown music, at least unknown to me that is. Although I knew a few of […]

Silent Whale Becomes A Dream - Requiem

Silent Whale Becomes A Dream – Requiem

It’s with great anticipation I awaited Requiem by Silent Whale Becomes A Dream. Their previous album Canopy was an important release for all post-rock lovers and it has taken quite some years before this album is finally released, only with a short intermezzo releasing a single track Architeurtis in 2015. Silent Whale Becomes A Dream […]

Livløs - Bood and Despair

Livløs – Blood & Despair

This new single Blood & Despair from danish Death Metallers Livløs is just one perfect and brutal tune. If your like your death groovy and heavy as hell, go check out the new single from Livløs upcoming album, you won’t regret it. The song simply has one of the best riffs heard in a long […]

Sannhet - So Numb

Best Runner Up Post-Rock Albums of 2017

2017 has been a perfect year for post-rock, seeing all sorts of cool releases in the somewhat broad genre you can call post-rock. After all, there’s so many subgenres of this genre, sometimes playing with doom metal and sometimes with more classic rock and indie. Here at NMEX, we have already made the list of […]

Au-Dessus - End Of Chapter

Best Runner Up Metal Albums Of 2017

Metal music has been booming in the year 2017 and we already made the NMEX Best Metal Albums of 2017 here This list show the favorite metal records, that have been spinning on the record player throughout 2017. But even though these few records are excellent, there’s been playing a lot more metal on our record […]

A Thousand Arms

A Thousand Arms CD Giveaway

The US Post-rock quality label A Thousand Arms has just announced a free give away of 7 albums including Ranges – The Ascensionist ( Check out the NMEX Review of the album here ) Appalaches – Cycles Astralia – Solstice EF – Give Me Beauty Kerretta – Pirohia Lost In Kiev – Nuit Noire Briqueville […]

Distant Dream - It All Starts From Pieces

Distant Dream – It All Starts From Pieces

When postrock/prog meets melodic metal. Guitars with the long decay, delay and verb are so smooth that it’s almost too sweet. Everything get’s more interesting when the heavy bottom end guitar lifts the majestic pieces. Guitar solos are definitely one of the parts of this music that makes it severely proggy, and even though everything […]

Wolves In The Throne Room - Thrice Woven

Wolves In The Throne Room – Thrice Woven

After Wolves In The Throne Room’s electronic, ambient detour with Celestite, the band is back on track with a more classic updated black metal album. The first song on the album starts quite folk like. 12 String acoustic guitar with a tiny piano melody. A good melodic start, and very memorable. This is, of course, […]


Vattnet – Vattnet

I originally know Vattnet under their former name Vattnet Viskar. At that point, Vattnet played what one could call instrumental post-black metal, with only a few vocals. But with their change to the name Vattnet also comes a change in tone and style. Is it to the better ? Guess it would always depend on […]