Set and Setting - Reflectionless

Set and Setting – Reflectionless

Set and setting is a post-rock outfit from Florida, USA. Post-rock that lends from black-metal, post-metal and some shoegaze/indie. Their album Reflectionless is out on Dunk! records and is a perfect mix of the aforementioned genres, where post-rock and more classic alternative blends with both post-metal and post-black. The difference between other post-metal or post-black […]

Blood Red Throne - Gore Encore

Blood Red Throne – Gore Encore

Norwegian death metal ensemble Blood Red Throne has just released a new song Gore Encore. One high-quality modern take on classic old school metal. Gore Encore opens with a cool riff, that easily could have been placed on one of the later Slayer albums. The whole structure of the song is, in fact, Slayer-like, with […]

Lali Puna - Two Windows

Lali Puna – Two Windows

I’ve enjoyed Lali Puna‘s earlier releases quite a lot, and especially their masterpiece Faking The Books icy minimalistic electronica has been on my turntable more than I can remember. Lali Puna‘s last release Our Inventions wasn’t really up my alley, it was OK, but nothing compared to their earlier stuff. Then it took additional seven […]


This Patch Of Sky – These Small Spaces

These Small Spaces by This Patch Of Sky is an album I’ve been looking forward to lie comfortably on a bed and enjoy every single note of. My first acquaintance with This Patch Of Sky was with the song Bella Muerte which I reviewed as part of the Open Arms Vol. II side A compilation by […]

Billy Boy In Poison - Iron Grip

Billy Boy In Poison – Iron Grip

Billy Boy In Poison has recently released the first single from their coming album, Iron Grip and also made a video to accompany this. Take a look and take a listen, it’s really high-quality death metal/metalcore. Billy Boy In Poison released their debut album Watchers back in 2013 and now 4 years later their second […]

Ranges - The Ascensionist

Ranges – The Ascensionist

Just the other day, a package arrived at my door. A package with some goods I’ve really been looking forward to getting. In it was This Patch Of Sky new album, Set and Setting album, and then also the new album from Ranges, The Ascensionist. The Ascensionist is really a cool package, not only do […]

Myrkur - Mareridt

Myrkur – Mareridt

A departure from the black metal scene, but a more confident and unique sound for Myrkur on her second release, where blackened nordic folk music is in the center of the sound.   I’ve been awaiting the release of Myrkur’s second, full, album Mareridt, with high tension. The singles Ulvinde and Måneblot, was two songs, […]

Holy Fawn - Arrows

Holy Fawn – Arrows

Arrows is the first single from Arizona post-rock / shoe-gazers Holy Fawn, coming album. It might be true that there is shoegaze in this song, with its laid back feeling and calm floating vibes. But underneath there’s a beast lurking. A beast that is slowly evoked from beneath the subtle rituals that is chanted in […]

Morild - VI

Morild – VI

Morild is a new star on the danish black metal scene. With their debut EP VI, Morild have entered the top league of danish black metal bands. Bands like Solbrud, Sunken, Slægt and Orm. One thing that they have in common with these bands, is, that they are genre defying. Morild, as well as the […]

Ranges - The Ascensionist

Ranges – The Ascensionist (Single)

The Ascensionist is the coming album from US post-rockers Ranges, and this is a review of the title song, from that album. Title songs are usually quite representative of the album they stand for and let’s hope this is the case with The Ascensionist. The song’s opening is beautiful and warm and reminds my quite […]

Tombs - The Great Annihilation

Metal Review Run

This review is a hit’n’run review of several album’s that I haven’t had time to listen to or haven’t noticed before. So it’s most of all a list of albums that I’ve listened to for the first time, with some immediate impressions. Probably not very fair, to judge by one listen, but nonetheless, here goes. […]

Only Echoes Remain - The Exigent

Only Echoes Remain – The Exigent

Only Echoes Remain has made a cosmic, energetic and creative venture, filled with nuances and moments for reflection The Exigent is a concept record, telling the story of a lone explorer coming to terms with his mission and his own humanity. I do like, that Only Echoes Remain has given thought on the content of their […]


This Patch Of Sky – Pale Lights ( This Will Destroy You Remix )

First encounter of This Patch Of Sky, was, when I listened to the song Bella Muerte on the Open Language VOL. II – Side A compilation. Since then, I’ve been hooked and listened to all of This Patch Of Sky’s material. What a journey ! With a new album coming out very soon, I’ve listened […]

Mogwai - Every Country's Sun

Mogwai – Eternal Panther

If I heard Eternal Panther and didn’t know it was Mogwai, I would never have guessed it to be Mogwai. I would have thought, OK, this is totally a Dinosaur Jr rip off, maybe mixed up with some New Order. But that said a pretty rip off. I mean it sounds good and it’s quite […]

Sound Architects - In Time Of Need

Album Review: Sound Architects – In Time Of Need

My first acquaintance with Sound Architects, was on the post-rock compilation Open Arms Vol. II – Side B. Their performance on this album off course made me wanna listen to their full album In Time Of Need. I gave Sound Architects 5 stars for the performance of the song Amihan. So? can the rest of […]

Cloakroom - Time Well

Cloakroom – Time Well

Time Well is a mesmerizing, tangible, laid back and unpolished piece of memorable dreamy songs, enhanced with abrupt devastating moments of filth.   Cloakroom is a new chapter for me. Never listened to them before, but I’m delighted that I came around to it. Their new Album Time Well is a formidable mixture of shoegaze, indie […]

Ranges - The Greater Lights

Ranges – The Greater Lights

The Greater Lights is the first single from US Post-rockers Ranges, coming album The Ascensionist. An album I await with great anticipation. Their latest single And The People Cried Out For A King, really gave something to look forward to. And The People Cried Out For A King revealed a band with excellent flair for […]

Enslaved - E

Single Review : Enslaved – Storm Son

Swedish black-metal prog-rockers Enslaved has just put out the first single Storm Son for their upcoming album E. Storm Son starts with birds chirping and shortly thereafter battlehorns, horses neighing and viking yells. Then some sort of a playful happy intro with loads of synth sounds, fingerpicking . This is how you should start a […]