Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun


This song is taken from the new album from Chelsea Wolfe : Hiss Spun . I have listened a lot to Chelsea Wolfe before, when I discovered the music at a club show in copenhagen, where they supported Russian Circles for a rather small crowd. Already then it was very convincing. And this new song […]

Dawn of Disease - Ascension Gate

DAWN OF DISEASE – Perimortal

Stumbled over this today, cover looked cool and I read the description saying Death Metal from Germany, so checked it out, and it’s OK I guesss, I wouldn’t mind drinking some beer and enjoy a show with this band and this track, but it doesn’t really give me more than that. Somehow it reminds me […]

Telekinetic Yeti - Abominations


Here’s a band that knows it’s riffs, one cool riff after another combined with awesome drumming that just fits the universe of Telekinetic Yeti. What a cool bandname by the way, kind of reminds me of Ufomammut, not that the music reminds but the bandname in some way. This song just starts off with drums […]

Suffocation -Your Last Breaths

SUFFOCATION – Your Last Breaths

I must admit that even though I’m really into death metal I haven’t listened that much to suffocation, but this new song Your Last Breaths really does it for me. The way the song opens with some very open chords almost atmospheric and then kicks in at around 0:30 and after that it’s just cool […]

Fading Tapes Album Cover


I was trying to find some new ambient style post rock music, and stumbled over these guys from poland: Fading Tapes. So here’s just a few lines on my first impressions based on this song : Stars, taken from their album Music from Attic. While listening to this song for the first time, I can […]


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