A Thousand Arms

A Thousand Arms CD Giveaway

The US Post-rock quality label A Thousand Arms has just announced a free give away of 7 albums including Ranges – The Ascensionist ( Check out the NMEX Review of the album here ) Appalaches – Cycles Astralia – Solstice EF – Give Me Beauty Kerretta – Pirohia Lost In Kiev – Nuit Noire Briqueville […]


An instrumental playlist by This Patch Of Sky

This Patch of Sky teamed up with playplistplay.com to make a playlist of favourite instrumental anthems. It’s a very good playlist if you’re into post-rock stuff and you should take a listen to this here. Listen to the playlist here on playlistplay.com It has many of my favourites on the list as well. This Will […]


This Patch Of Sky Timelapse Video

US Post Rockers This Patch Of Sky, just teamed up with Adobe magazine to show a timelapse of their creation of the cover for their upcoming album ‘These Small Spaces’. If you’re like your postrock soothing, atmospheric, cinematic and ethereal, then you should watch this video just to listen to the beauty of it. If […]


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