Down Below

Tribulation – The World

Tribulation has just released the album Down Below and The World is the first and maybe only single from this album If you enjoy Fields of the Nephilim and Sisters of mercy and at the same time miss a bit more classic heavy metal, then Tribulation is definitely for you. The pulsating drums are very […]


Hamferð – Stygd

Hamferð has just released their second album Támsins Likam, and Stygd is the “single” of the album. Stygd is one epic funeral doom piece, with excellent growls, extreme depth, and wide open arms. It is one abysmal and frightening piece of ultra heavy doom metal, where every single note manifests Hamferð as one of the best doom bands I […]

Cynic - Humanoid

Cynic – Humanoid

Well known for their technical take on heavy metal, Cynic is back with yet another tech escapade. Humanoid shows off Cynic right where they want to be. Wandering finger-plucked bass with endless solos, combined with tech guitar crescendos, is the main backbone of Humanoid. Humanoid is not as mild as some of the previous releases, and […]

Machine Head - Kaleidoscope

Machine Head – Kaleidoscope

Ok, that was a different start. I hadn’t seen that coming. I honestly don’t know what to think about Kaleidoscope by Machine Head. Machine Head is just becoming more and more pop and nu-metal. The choir synths are just a bit too much Eminem for me I guess. Where earlier days Machine Head was more a […]


MØL – Penumbra

MØL have just released the first single Penumbra, from their coming album JORD, which is out April 13 via Holy Roar Record. Møl has already defined themselves as an atmospheric black metal band that relies heavily on shoegaze inspiration. This is definitely still the case on Penumbra. It’s very bright and uplifting blackgaze, and at […]

Blood Red Throne - Gore Encore

Blood Red Throne – Gore Encore

Norwegian death metal ensemble Blood Red Throne has just released a new song Gore Encore. One high-quality modern take on classic old school metal. Gore Encore opens with a cool riff, that easily could have been placed on one of the later Slayer albums. The whole structure of the song is, in fact, Slayer-like, with […]

Holy Fawn - Arrows

Holy Fawn – Arrows

Arrows is the first single from Arizona post-rock / shoe-gazers Holy Fawn, coming album. It might be true that there is shoegaze in this song, with its laid back feeling and calm floating vibes. But underneath there’s a beast lurking. A beast that is slowly evoked from beneath the subtle rituals that is chanted in […]

Ranges - The Ascensionist

Ranges – The Ascensionist (Single)

The Ascensionist is the coming album from US post-rockers Ranges, and this is a review of the title song, from that album. Title songs are usually quite representative of the album they stand for and let’s hope this is the case with The Ascensionist. The song’s opening is beautiful and warm and reminds my quite […]


This Patch Of Sky – Pale Lights ( This Will Destroy You Remix )

First encounter of This Patch Of Sky, was, when I listened to the song Bella Muerte on the Open Language VOL. II – Side A compilation. Since then, I’ve been hooked and listened to all of This Patch Of Sky’s material. What a journey ! With a new album coming out very soon, I’ve listened […]

Mogwai - Every Country's Sun

Mogwai – Eternal Panther

If I heard Eternal Panther and didn’t know it was Mogwai, I would never have guessed it to be Mogwai. I would have thought, OK, this is totally a Dinosaur Jr rip off, maybe mixed up with some New Order. But that said a pretty rip off. I mean it sounds good and it’s quite […]

Ranges - The Greater Lights

Ranges – The Greater Lights

The Greater Lights is the first single from US Post-rockers Ranges, coming album The Ascensionist. An album I await with great anticipation. Their latest single And The People Cried Out For A King, really gave something to look forward to. And The People Cried Out For A King revealed a band with excellent flair for […]

Enslaved - E

Single Review : Enslaved – Storm Son

Swedish black-metal prog-rockers Enslaved has just put out the first single Storm Son for their upcoming album E. Storm Son starts with birds chirping and shortly thereafter battlehorns, horses neighing and viking yells. Then some sort of a playful happy intro with loads of synth sounds, fingerpicking . This is how you should start a […]

Converge - The Dusk In Us

Single Review : Converge – Under Duress

As a teaser for their upcoming album ‘The Dusk In Us’, Converge, have just released a song from the album:  Under Duress. Earlier this year Converge released a 7″ that already served as a teaser, but now it’s an actual track from the new album. Read a review here of I Can Tell You About […]

Spectral Voice - Eroded Corpse Of Unbeing

Single Review : Spectral Voice – Visions Of Psychic Dismemberment

Visions Of Psychic Dismemberment is one long exhale of necrotic, blackened death metal/doom/black metal. At first filled up with blast beats, deep growling vocals and devastating guitars. This is pretty standard for the genre. But after approximately 6 minutes, the song changes into a more quiet almost gothic part, where low haunting keyboards mix together […]

Mogwai - Every Country's Sun

MOGWAI – Party In The Dark

SONG REVIEW: Mogwai – Party In the Dark Inventors of post-rock Mogwai is soon releasing their new album ‘Every Countrys Sun’ and one of the songs Party In The Dark has been revealed for all of us on Youtube. Mogwai has made a lot of different albums with different influences and hence different outcome. My […]

Ufomammut - 8


Ufomammut is releasing their 8th album ‘8’ very soon, it’s planned to release on september 22 on NEUROT records ( home of Neurosis, Amenra and more ). I am a huge fan of Ufomammut and got all their records without exception. I love their psychedelic droning doomy space trips, and off course I really look […]

Myrkur - Mareridt

MYRKUR – Ulvinde

I’ve listened to Myrkur ever since her  first demos, and been fascinated by the universe she has, both lyrically and musically. I really enjoy the heavy influences of folk music, choir music that blends very good with the black metal sounds that are the other part of Myrkurs sound. Off course, it’s not only Myrkur […]

Chelsea Wolfe - Hiss Spun


This song is taken from the new album from Chelsea Wolfe : Hiss Spun . I have listened a lot to Chelsea Wolfe before, when I discovered the music at a club show in copenhagen, where they supported Russian Circles for a rather small crowd. Already then it was very convincing. And this new song […]

Dawn of Disease - Ascension Gate

DAWN OF DISEASE – Perimortal

Stumbled over this today, cover looked cool and I read the description saying Death Metal from Germany, so checked it out, and it’s OK I guesss, I wouldn’t mind drinking some beer and enjoy a show with this band and this track, but it doesn’t really give me more than that. Somehow it reminds me […]