Cynic – Humanoid

Well known for their technical take on heavy metal, Cynic is back with yet another tech escapade. Humanoid shows off Cynic right where they want to be.
Wandering finger-plucked bass with endless solos, combined with tech guitar crescendos, is the main backbone of Humanoid. Humanoid is not as mild as some of the previous releases, and Cynic are back with a more back to old times prog-metal.
Cynic made one of the coolest albums of the genre when releasing Focus, back in the day. But Focus is something that we are missing a bit on Humanoid. I am missing a red thread and some of former times melodies.
The drum sound is somewhat sterile and thin, the bass has some serious lines and the guitar is explorative as ever, but the vocals are letting the song down, it’s not imaginative, nor interesting.
Still, way better than Kindly Bent To Free Us, that was way too mild. Put a few growls in and it would have been just way more interesting. Still Cynic is one of a kind.
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And it might not be fair, but then compare to

I Miss Cynic.

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Cynic - Humanoid

Cynic - Humanoid


6.5 /10


7.0 /10


6.5 /10


  • Technically overpowered
  • Some great guitar solos


  • Too middle of the road for Cynic
  • Thin and sterile drums
  • Not very imaginative vocals

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