Distant Dream – It All Starts From Pieces

Distant Dream - It All Starts With PiecesWhen postrock/prog meets melodic metal. Guitars with the long decay, delay and verb are so smooth that it’s almost too sweet. Everything get’s more interesting when the heavy bottom end guitar lifts the majestic pieces.

Guitar solos are definitely one of the parts of this music that makes it severely proggy, and even though everything is played quite well, I must say that the drums are quite boring and everything is just a bit too clean and nice, reminding me of an instrumental version of the Swedish Europop metallers Europe.

When putting on this record, I was under the impression that Distant Dream was a band, but when I found out that this is a solo project, it somehow makes more sense to me. It’s sort of the same style on all instruments. Also wondering if the drums really just are superior drummer or ezdrummer programmed, that could explain, some of the lack of dynamics in especially the drums.

Hats off for a quite well-produced record, and for what it is, also quite impressive. Not really down my alley, but if you’re into guitar solo’s and the more nice end of melodic metal, you’ll enjoy this. For me, it’s mostly a style exercise.

Do take a listen for yourself here:

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Distant Dream - It All Starts From Pieces

Distant Dream - It All Starts From Pieces


6.0 /10


5.0 /10


5.0 /10


  • Excellent Musicianship


  • Not very innovative

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