Hamferð – Stygd

Hamferd_-_Tamsins_LikamHamferð has just released their second album Támsins Likam, and Stygd is the “single” of the album. Stygd is one epic funeral doom piece, with excellent growls, extreme depth, and wide open arms. It is one abysmal and frightening piece of ultra heavy doom metal, where every single note manifests Hamferð as one of the best doom bands I have heard lately.

I’m not a big fan of the clean singing, in this kind of music and really prefers the growls, but Jón Aldará’s vocal register is just so overwhelmingly impressive, that you can’t do anything but just sit there with the jaw open.

One thing is the supernatural powers of the universe that Hamferð convey, but another just as important thing is the fact that the production of Stygd is out of this world. Those drums that have every single hit feeling like a landslide and the brutal heavy end guitars mingling with the just as heavy bass makes it a joy to listen to Stygd

This was just some words on the single song Stygd, but I’m sure the full album will be just as impressive.

Take a listen to Stygd here.

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Hamferð - Stygd

Hamferð - Stygd


9.8 /10


9.5 /10


9.0 /10


  • Best ever production on a doom record
  • Brutally heavy
  • Vocal Equilibrism


  • None Reallyy

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