Lali Puna – Two Windows

Lali Puna - Two WindowsI’ve enjoyed Lali Puna‘s earlier releases quite a lot, and especially their masterpiece Faking The Books icy minimalistic electronica has been on my turntable more than I can remember. Lali Puna‘s last release Our Inventions wasn’t really up my alley, it was OK, but nothing compared to their earlier stuff. Then it took additional seven years for Two Windows to come out. Awaited with some anticipation.

Two Windows is out now and the sound has developed into a bit more danceable groovy sound, with handclaps, rave inspiration and quirky sound effects.

Lali Puna still has some of their minimalistic warm techno intact, especially on a song like Deep Dream, that would have fitted on the aforementioned Faking The Books.

The vocals of Lali Puna is just as intact. Simple raw, semi-whispered, dreamy and lush vocals, securely holding the listener’s hand while travelling through Two Windows.

Modern sound

Lali Puna’s earlier work was very close to Notwist electronic escapades, Two Windows is updated to a more modern sound, and draw references to acts like Mount Kimbie, Dntel (that features on the album) and Caribou. Two Windows is way more playful than the, cut to the chase, pop songs of earlier days.

This comes with a price though. Two Windows are just not as remarkable and immediate as the former days memorable pop songs.

Two Windows has it gems though. Deep Dream has some of the former day’s memorability. Birds Flying High has a cool cut up mix, reminding quite a lot of Mount Kimbie.

Two Windows is a decent release, but I still miss the more direct and poppy universe of the early records, and it’s mostly the beginning of the record that has interesting songs. The latter part of the album, gets a bit dull, with Birds Flying High as an exception.

I must admit, I really had hoped for a strong comeback, but even though I do like this album more than Our Inventions, it’s not quite there. Guess it’s still gonna be Faking The Books that will spin, although this one is going to spin from time to time as well.

Take a listen to the full album here

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Lali Puna - Two Windows

Lali Puna - Two Windows


9.0 /10


5.0 /10


5.0 /10


  • A few gems in Deep Dreams and Birds Flying High
  • Playful


  • Lack of memorable songs
  • Too middle of the road

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