Machine Head – Kaleidoscope

Machine Head - KaleidoscopeOk, that was a different start. I hadn’t seen that coming. I honestly don’t know what to think about Kaleidoscope by Machine Head. Machine Head is just becoming more and more pop and nu-metal. The choir synths are just a bit too much Eminem for me I guess. Where earlier days Machine Head was more a crossover between Nu-metal and Pantera, Machine Head is becoming more and more a crossover between Nu-Metal and Europe.
Is Machine Head becoming a new breed in between Korn, Europe and Within Temptation? Sure the chorus is there, but everything just seems so 17-year-old kid’s like, and doesn’t really fit these guys. They have been heading this direction quite some time, but I was kind of hoping it would stop.
I actually listened to the full album Catharsis afterward and must say that my disappointment with Kaleidoscope is underrated when compared to the full album, it is seriously the worst Machine Head album to date.
Well Judge for yourself

I Know bands evolve, and want to try different directions, but when comparing to the old Machine Head stuff it’s really a pity. Take a comparison to Davidian for example.

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Machine Head - Kaleidoscope

Machine Head - Kaleidoscope


8.0 /10


3.0 /10


3.0 /10


  • Sounds like a million, production is spot on
  • Sing a long metal


  • Simply too thin
  • Sad to see Machine Head move so far from their originality

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