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This review is a hit’n’run review of several album’s that I haven’t had time to listen to or haven’t noticed before. So it’s most of all a list of albums that I’ve listened to for the first time, with some immediate impressions. Probably not very fair, to judge by one listen, but nonetheless, here goes.

This review run is focused on missed out Metal albums, primarily from the period 2016 – 2017

I will award each of the albums with up to 5 stars , along with some words on my immediate impression.

I hope you can use this as an inspiration to check out some new music, and hopefully you will disagree or maybe agree on my verdict. This is mostly to use as an inspirational list.

So here goes :

Winterun – Sleep at the Edge of The World

Winterun - Sleep at the Edge Of The World

I must admit I haven’t really listed to that much folk-metal, but if one band should make me start listening to folk metal, then it must be Winterun. The album Sleep at the Edge of  The World is one cauldron of bravery, heroism, lyres, stomping, symphonies, adventures and tales from beyond.

Everything served in a perfect package of excellent sound and technical equilibrism. Winterun serves an album, not only filled to brim with engaging folk metal, but also parts inspired from death metal and prog metal. This album is definitely convincing for me to dive into more folk-metal. A solid thumbs up on this album.

Listen to Sleep at the Edge of the World here

Batushka – Litourgiya

Batushka Cover ArtI hadn’t seen this coming. Chanting, heavy guitars, deep choirs, very doomy but still uptempo, somehow black metal. Specially the vocals are very black metal. But that mixture with religious chanting and the troll voices. That’s a different take on black, thats for sure. An evil mass awakening with haunting guitars, violins and monumental build ups, ceremonial ritual sounds all over, combined with blast beats from hell. No wonder these guys are being hyped more and more these days. I just didn’t get around to it before now. Again an album that keeps the listener trapped for the full duration. Thumbs up for that as well


Listen to Litourgiya here

Artificial Brain – Infrared Horizon

Artificial Brain - Infrared HorizonChaotic, dissonant experimental grind, tech death. If you want stress go ahead and listen to this record, its pretty devastating. From time to time Artificial brain goes off for slower tempo and cool guitar solos. This is definitely my favourite parts, along with the more melodic parts. The album has a very strong opener to invite you inside their universe. A refreshing aspect of Artificial Brain is the use of synths here and there. The synths lifts the more monumental passages to a new level. Artificial Brain plays their ass off, on this album, the skills of the musicians are simply superb, and that alone is a joy to listen to.

Listen to Infrared Horizon here

Igorrr – Savage Sinusoid

Igorrr - Savage SinusoidThis one is different. Much different. I’m not really sure what to call this kind of music/metal. Opera voices, with growls and screams. Music is very overproduced with lots of cut’s in the drums. Kind of industrial like. The suddenly a flute and the song is done. So this is Breakcore. I think it’s the first time I’ve actually listened to this subgenre and it’s not gonna be my favourite that’s for sure. Savage Sinusoid is overwhelming, fucked up, craaaaazy shit. Kind of fun to listen to and I would also think it’s a cool live act to get the party started. But not more than that, for me at least. That opera thing is really not for me.

Listen to Savage Sinusoid here

Tombs – The Grand Annihilation

Tombs - The Great AnnihilationHere we go, heavy black metal sludge. What Tombs does that stands out from many other black metal acts, is that the vocals are way more sludge/doom’ish and that really gives an edge to the music. That said, I wouldn’t categorise Tombs as Black Metal though, I think they have a lot of inspiration from doom, sludge and death metal and off course also black metal, but definitely not pure black.  Old Wounds is pure death metal with doom, very effective. November Wolves just opens with some of the most effective chucking death metal chords before opening wide up. On the song Underneath Tombs almost sounds like some 80’s goth bands and has some flirting with bands like type o negative. Actually a lot of the songs in the second part of the album has this more goth like tone. I really enjoy this album.

Listen to The Great Annihilation here

So that’s it for now, 5 records that I had overseen, and yes there’s plenty more I guess. This just proves that there’s so much excellent music out there and I am really happy to have found these albums.
Of these 5 albums, which one is gonna stick to my turntable ? I think it’s gonna be Tombs – The Great Annihilation, this one is best overall album of the 5 in my opinion, but a strong contender is Winterun – Sleep At The Edge Of The World.
What’s interesting is that all 5 records, really bring some new stuff to the table, it’s pretty exciting that all 5 bands have this innovation.

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Metal Review Run

Metal Review Run


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


9.0 /10


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