MOGWAI – Party In The Dark

SONG REVIEW: Mogwai – Party In the Dark

Mogwai - Every Country's SunInventors of post-rock Mogwai is soon releasing their new album ‘Every Countrys Sun’ and one of the songs Party In The Dark has been revealed for all of us on Youtube.

Mogwai has made a lot of different albums with different influences and hence different outcome. My personal favourites are their debut Young Team and the later ‘Rock Action’, ‘Happy Songs for Happy People’ and ‘Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will’.

Specially on Rock Action and Happy songs, I loved the introduction to Vocoder and quiet vocals on the songs, changing from classic post-rock to something more. Then again on ‘Hardcore’ I think Mogwai started playing around with more pumping upbeat stuff that again gave a new turn.

Mogwai goes Indie Pop

Here we stand before the new album and I think Mogwai have made another turn with the song ‘Party In The Dark’.

At first it starts of with some quiet sounds indicating a post-rock tune, but when the song kicks in it’s very common, medium beat, middle of the road drums and bass, and shortly after it is revealed to me that Mogwai is trying to make something inbetween Mew, Delgados and Flaming Lips.

Even though Mogwai pulled off the changes in their sound some times, I think this one is a mayfly, that hopefully goes away and is not a warning of the coming album.

The thing is. Mew, Delgados and Flaming Lips are excellent bands by themselves, but Mogwai trying to be that is not very succesful in my opinion. I think there’s really a lot Delgados inspiration here, but they’re also from same hometown and label.

Mogwai also put another song out from the album, Coolverine, that’s really way better.

But check it our for yourself, Party In the Dark on Youtube

If you enjoy it, by all means buy the single here

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Mogwai - Party In The Dark

Mogwai - Party In The Dark


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