MØL – Penumbra

MØL - JORDMØL have just released the first single Penumbra, from their coming album JORD, which is out April 13 via Holy Roar Record. Møl has already defined themselves as an atmospheric black metal band that relies heavily on shoegaze inspiration.
This is definitely still the case on Penumbra. It’s very bright and uplifting blackgaze, and at passages, you really wonder if you’re actually listening to Slowdive from the Catch The Breeze Era.
Penumbra is highly effective and imaginative, with both roaring wide landscapes and moments of beauty, all encompassed in a chorus atmosphere. Both the opening of the song and the end has a very recognizable and memorable melody to it, almost making this song radio-friendly.
Quoted from Holy Roar
“The organic, emotive and gut-wrenching nature of Jord will see MØL stand proud among the landscape of ‘Blackened Shoegaze’ with the likes of Deafheaven and Alcest.”
This is quite spot on, there is a strong similarity between Deafheaven and also Alcest, but MØL rises as more melodic and more energetic than both those bands.
If this song sets the standard for JORD, we have something to look forward to.
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MØL - Penumbra

MØL - Penumbra


8.5 /10


8.5 /10


8.0 /10


  • A strong short effective black-gaze tune
  • Memorable melodies
  • Soothing shoegaze guitars

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