Ranges – The Greater Lights

Ranges - The Greater LightsThe Greater Lights is the first single from US Post-rockers Ranges, coming album The Ascensionist. An album I await with great anticipation. Their latest single And The People Cried Out For A King, really gave something to look forward to.

And The People Cried Out For A King revealed a band with excellent flair for writing catchy, warm and cinematic post-rock, that stands out.

With The Greater Lights, Ranges holds on to exactly this. Focus is on maintaining a simple, yet melodic and uplifting theme. This works as a red thread throughout the song. Rigth away, from the beginning a memorable guitar melody awakens. A beginning that sounds like the sun rising far across the plains, with subtle piano and lush waving guitarscapes. A rewarding, calm and warm feeling emerges.

The Greater Lights

The melody kick’s in for the first time, with a glockenspiel/piano accompanying. A memorable melody, that makes you pretty sure, that you won’t get this out of your head any time soon. This kind of catch melody is really a powerful strength of The Greater Lights.

I love the simplicity, in any aspect. The Greater Lights are really 3 chords or so. Complemented with an imaginative, soothing and celebrating tone, showered with subtle details.

The Greater Lights manifests once more, that everyone, should look forward to The Ascensionist, due to be released on September 22, 2017.

The Ascensionist will be out on Dunk! Recods in Europe and A Thousand Arms in US, I bet it will also be released digitally on bandcamp as well.

Take a listen to The Greater Lights here

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Ranges - The Greater Lights

Ranges - The Greater Lights


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


9.0 /10


  • Very memorable
  • Simplistic post-rock
  • Very cinematic

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