Single Review : Enslaved – Storm Son

Enslaved - ESwedish black-metal prog-rockers Enslaved has just put out the first single Storm Son for their upcoming album E.

Storm Son starts with birds chirping and shortly thereafter battlehorns, horses neighing and viking yells. Then some sort of a playful happy intro with loads of synth sounds, fingerpicking . This is how you should start a song that forewarns of an epic journey, and Storm Son is just that.

When the song really starts with staccato guitar and choir singing, it kind of reminds me of norwegian Seigmen, although in a more polished way.

Storm Son is quite pop’ish and proggy, but it’s very well done, guitars and synths play great together with the deep growls on top.


To describe the new single Storm Son in one word, I would put would put Epic. The 10 minute+ song is really a journey through different landscapes, through different musical styles, but with a strong heavy red thread, knitting all parts together. You won’t have a chance to get bored at any point. Just around the corner is a new exciting part awaiting to unfold to the listener.

It’s a fascinating journey of Enslaved, from their first records that were filled to the rim with black metal, to see how they incorporated viking metal and now more and more prog elements.

Storm Son is definitely Enslaved, and you can hear that, but I also think Enslaved is stepping out on new territory here.

Not only did Enslaved release this new song, they also released a video, and you should really take a look at that, it’s a perfect supplement to the music.

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Enslaved - Storm Son

Enslaved - Storm Son


9.0 /10


8.0 /10


8.5 /10


  • One of the best Enslaved songs of newer times
  • A Journey through different styles

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