SUFFOCATION – Your Last Breaths

I must admit that even though I’m really into death metal I haven’t listened that much to suffocation, but this new song Your Last Breaths really does it for me.

The way the song opens with some very open chords almost atmospheric and then kicks in at around 0:30 and after that it’s just cool punishing staccato guitars with loads of cool atonal riffs.

In some way this song reminds me of danish death metallers Iniquity and somewhat later Morbid Angel in a very postive way.

I think production is spot on, but a little too clicky drums to my taste, I know it’s the genre, but these a very clicky, ending is also very abrupt, I would have loved a minute more, but on the other hand it’s very effective cutting to the chase.

For me this is definitely an opener that makes me wanna listen to the full album.

Check it out here :

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Suffocation - Your Last Breaths

Suffocation - Your Last Breaths


9.0 /10

Gonna listen to more

10.0 /10

Brutal Death Metal

9.5 /10


  • Superb agressiveness
  • Loads of atonal riffs and solo
  • Nice Growls


  • Very clicky drums
  • Almost too short

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