Here’s a band that knows it’s riffs, one cool riff after another combined with awesome drumming that just fits the universe of Telekinetic Yeti. What a cool bandname by the way, kind of reminds me of Ufomammut, not that the music reminds but the bandname in some way.

This song just starts off with drums and after guitars kicks in, it’s a cascade of catchy stoner riffs. This is stoner when it’s best but also with some hint of doom metal. Not only the guitar riffs makes this song perfect, it’s also the melodies of the bass, the versatile drumming and then the deep end fuzz that makes it all shine, and on top of that very cool arrangement, so something new happens all the time.

Checking out the band I find out that it’s a two piece, so wondering a bit what they’re doing live, since there is definitely at least three instruments going on……. 🙂 and then checked out a live video, so it’s only these two guys on stage and bass tones served from a 7 or 8 string guitar to take care of the heavy end. This is a bit like Galvano from sweden, but I must admit I enjoy this more. Now I really have to listen to the whole album with that in mind.

So this is the first time ever I listen to Telekinetic Yeti and I am super convinced. This will be a record I am going to have to obtain for my collection. I can see it’s possible to get ‘Abominable’ directly from the label Sump Pump Records, I am gonna do that right after I post this 🙂

Check out Electronaut here.

But I’m pretty sure you’re gonna have to listen to the whole album anyway, it’s too cool to miss out on.

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9.5 /10

Gonna listen to more

10.0 /10

TRVE Stoner/Doom

10.0 /10


  • Cool Catchy Stoner Riffs
  • Awesome Drumming
  • Interesting Arrangements


  • Can't really find any

Soren Author



    (July 26, 2017 - 15:24)

    I am convinced too. It would be interesting to see them live. And I am someone who is phobic of crowds.. but still.
    Like the diverse and unpredictable way the song is built up and has a nice touch of 70s. Very energetic too.

    @soren: could be cool if others could give their rating too 😉

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