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this-patch-of-sky-these-small-spacesThese Small Spaces by This Patch Of Sky is an album I’ve been looking forward to lie comfortably on a bed and enjoy every single note of.

My first acquaintance with This Patch Of Sky was with the song Bella Muerte which I reviewed as part of the Open Arms Vol. II side A compilation by A Thousand Arms. That song was one of my favorites of that compilation and naturally led me to dive into the previously recorded material by This Patch Of Sky and also the excellent Pale Lights. I reviewed their This Will Destroy You remix of Pale Lights here.

I finally received this album last week, along with Ranges – The Ascensionist, both released on Dunk!Records in Europe. Even though Ranges and This Patch Of Sky are different in many ways, they have one thing in common in my opinion. A very warm, unique, inspiring and uplifting way into the world of post-rock.

Sure, you can hear references to what has been heard before, but still, everything is served in a fresh and fulfilling way. When listening to This Patch Of Sky‘s These Small Spaces I hear references to Sigur Ros majestic soundscapes. I hear references to This Will Destroy You in their more quiet passages. Some of the music from These Small Spaces would have fitted in on Tunnel Blanket or Another Language. I hear some of the ethereal and blissful moments of Jóhann Jóhannsson, primarily due to the cello work. I hear the beautiful spherical ambiance of Stars Of The Lid.

A Levitational Energy

All these aspects of This Patch Of Sky are served within 51 minutes of pure celestial, out of the body, levitational energy, as if you’re one with the universe.

These Small Spaces needs contemplation and if you reach out and surrender to the 9 mesmerizing and soulful treats, you will come out on the order side, filled to the brim, with inner wellbeing and surplus. I know that’s a big promise, but I dare you to give it a try.

Throughout These Small Spaces, we have the cello carrying the primary melodies of each and every song, but it’s done very gracefully and with a simplicity that makes the songs very memorable. It’s not some advanced classical entrance to the music. What is even more interesting, is when you dive in under the immediate surface of the songs, you have myriads of excellent guitar landscapes, beautiful horns, subliminal roaring guitars and an ever supporting steady drum. I especially enjoy the use of horns here and there. It brings something new to the table.

When the horns and the piano end Coordinates. When the vague electronics support the beginning of Pale Lights. When the simple guitar takes the melody on Her Beating Wings accompanied by the soft crash swells. When the beautiful synths are awoken throughout the album. All of these supporting details are the reason why These Small Spaces is such a good album. Yes, there are beautiful and intense cello melodies, but it’s thanks to all these other details and the symbiosis, between these details and the cello, that makes it all come together.

I like the way the ambiance of This Patch Of Sky is also reflected in the video material for These Small Spaces. Time stands still.

Music for Nights

This Patch Of Sky has delivered a coherent and cohesive album, that will be the soundtrack for many nights to come. The songs are in general following a red thread, that makes everything comes together as a whole. The only song that is kind of different is Paper Mountains, that is almost jazzy in its mood. The sound of the cello and the Fender Rhodes reminds me vaguely of the quiet moments of Yo La Tengo. It’s a welcome different sound that sticks out of the formula for the rest of the album.

September 22, 2017, has been a remarkable day for post-rock releases ( and quite some other cool releases as well ).

These Small Spaces is definitely one of those remarkable releases and I will be exploring the album even more and I have a feeling, that it will grow even more on me as time goes.

Take a listen to the full album here on Bandcamp, but do yourself a favor and order it right away either on Dunk!Records in Europe or at Merchnow in the US

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This Patch Of Sky - These Small Spaces

This Patch Of Sky - These Small Spaces


9.0 /10


9.5 /10


8.5 /10


  • A perfect companion to deep relaxation and inner explorations
  • Beautiful production with every instrument in their right element


  • Nothing really

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