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this-patch-of-sky-these-small-spacesUS Post Rockers This Patch Of Sky, just teamed up with Adobe magazine to show a timelapse of their creation of the cover for their upcoming album ‘These Small Spaces’.

If you’re like your postrock soothing, atmospheric, cinematic and ethereal, then you should watch this video just to listen to the beauty of it. If you’re interested in photoshop, it’s also very cool to watch how this album cover is made.

You can preorder the album right now at, I encourage you to do so. I really think we are all in for a treat. If you’re living in the US, I will also encourage you to stop by the Dunk! USA festival, where This Patch Of Sky will be performing this year. Dunk! has a sweet lineup this year, and not only this band will be a joy to watch.

Go ahead and watch the timelapse video here

I personally look really forward to have a copy of These Small Places in my hands and put in on record player. There will be review of the album on this site as well.

This Patch of Sky is a 6 piece instrumental post rock band from Eugene, Oregon, USA. A main feature of their music is incorporating cello in their music. The cello adds a layer of aesthetic beauty to the music. Music that is already compelling without the cello.

This Patch Of Sky has released 4 albums, and the new album ‘These Small Spaces’ will arrive September 22 on Equal Vision Records.

If you’re interested in obtaining some of their earlier stuff you’re probably gonna have to settle for digital versions since their earlier records are way out of print and almost impossible to find anywhere. Even on discogs you can buy a 2xLP for around 500 EUR, this is rare.

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