Tribulation – The World

Tribulation has just released the album Down Below and The World is the first and maybe only single from this album

If you enjoy Fields of the Nephilim and Sisters of mercy and at the same time miss a bit more classic heavy metal, then Tribulation is definitely for you.

The pulsating drums are very close to what you would find on Dawnrazor by Fields Of The Nephilim, and the guitar melody is reminding a lot of Sisters of Mercy.

Then on top you have gothic synths and choirs, and in comes the more classic metal solos and riffs as taken from classic metal like King Diamond. Actually quite well working.

Check it for yourself here

And then just for the fun of it 🙂

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Tribulation - The World

Tribulation - The World


7.5 /10


7.0 /10


6.5 /10


  • Quite good up to date Goth
  • Mass Appeal


  • Maybe not the most original song in the world

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