Ufomammut - 8Ufomammut is releasing their 8th album ‘8’ very soon, it’s planned to release on september 22 on NEUROT records ( home of Neurosis, Amenra and more ).

I am a huge fan of Ufomammut and got all their records without exception. I love their psychedelic droning doomy space trips, and off course I really look forward to get this album in the mail.You can preorder your copy already.

Ufomammut recently released a single from the album some months ago, Warsheep, which is a very cool tune, but this is not the subject of this review.

Now Ufomammut has made the song ‘Zodiac’ available on youtube. Zodiac is the longest song on the album and is really worth a listen.

Sci-Fi Obliteration

Zodiac is quite different from other Ufomammut songs when it starts off. Uptempo with shouting simple vocals, quite different from other Ufomammut songs, but a fresh start.

As the song progress, it travels further and further into deep space lifted by doomy, hypnotic sounds. After 7 minutes of utter psych joy, the song just insists and insists on giving the listener a transcendental experience. It simply smashes, gets more and more vivid and ends up absorbing the listener into a black hole.

“Sci-Fi Obliteration” as Ufomammut describe the upcoming album, is pretty spot on description.

This is Ufomammut at it’s best and I think we have a ufomammut classic here.

For me the song really kicks in after little over a minute, with a super cool riff and far out solo and from there it is just one of their best songs to date.

Can’t wait to get it, preorder yours at Supernatural Cat – EUROPE or Neurot – USA.

Listen to Zodiac

Check out Zodiac here:

Do also checkout Warsheep here:

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9.5 /10

Gonna listen to more

10.0 /10

Far Out Space Psych

10.0 /10


  • Heavy as hell
  • Transcendental Space Psych
  • Cool production


  • Nothing really

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    Ufomammut - 8 - Review - NMEX

    (October 13, 2017 - 12:26)

    […] Zodiac is naturally picking up where warsheep ended. I have already made a separate a review for Zodiac here. […]

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