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VattnetI originally know Vattnet under their former name Vattnet Viskar. At that point, Vattnet played what one could call instrumental post-black metal, with only a few vocals. But with their change to the name Vattnet also comes a change in tone and style.

Is it to the better ? Guess it would always depend on the listener, and if you as a fan of the original Vattnet Viskar enjoyed the more depressive massiveness of former days, this might not really be the thing for you.

With the addition of vocals and also more classic heavy metal harmonic guitar leads, Vattnet has transformed more to something in between symphonic prog metal and pure heavy/power metal. Especially the vocals give a touch of Power Metal, very clean.

The guitars still use some of the same tricks as back in Vattnet Viskar days, but also these guitars have transformed into a way more heavy/power metal attitude.

I must say, it has been quite a transformation and I wonder a bit what made the choice to change so radically, besides their frontman leaving. I don’t think anyone would really be able to recognize Vattnet to, in fact, be the same band as Vattnet Viskar ( give and take ).

For me personally, I enjoy the cool brutal sounds of Vattnet Viskar more than I enjoy this changed band, but that’s mostly due to musical preferences. Vattnet has pulled it off a pretty good record when you think about it and actually made quite a memorable Heavy/Prog/Power Metal album with tons of heavy end guitars.

I guess Vattnet Viskar just got tired of the boring black metal guitars and wanted to make some more advanced and poppy music, and that’s pretty much what they have done here.

Do take a listen :

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Vattnet - Vattnet

Vattnet - Vattnet


8.0 /10


6.0 /10


6.0 /10


  • Pretty good prog-metal


  • Heard a lot before
  • Miss the old Vattnet Viskar

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